Starting to play polo we quickly realized, that it is not easy and convenient to purchase equipment in Switzerland and the bordering countries. This lead us to the decision to found the first online shop for selected products in this exclusive sport and the Nearside company was founded. Now the constant exchange and input from our customers advances our service steadily. For example, we could provide the first customized leather racing bridle, matching the colors of the stable. We successfully tested it with professional and are now able to offer this individual service to the market. We are excited were the customers’ needs will lead us in the next months and years.


Offering high quality and personalized equipment for polo and further equestrian sports in Switzerland and international


The NEARSIDE GmbH offers everything the polo heart desires, from classic equestrian lifestyle products, over traditional Argentinian pants, the bombachas, and equipment for the horse, as well as collars for dogs from Argentina, to stylish accessories for your home.


The companies name originates in the polo sport. The nearside shot is one of the basic techniques in this sport. This shot is performed with the right hand on the left side of the horse. The name also reflects our close connection with our customers and that we are near to their wishes, demonstrated by our large collection of individual and customized products.