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4. December 2016
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This particularly classic gaucho belt (belt Polo) is reminiscent of summer, blue skies and blue water. By precisely placed Sattler threads this gem of Buenos Aires and Rio de la Plata recalls. With jeans and a white or blue blouse this belt fits together perfectly.

The belt measures 3.5cm wide and is perfectly sized to fit within the belt loops of jeans, chinos, polo whites and jodhpurs.

This Polo belt is the perfect option if you are looking for a truly special and thoughtful gift for a loved one.

This traditional polo belt pattern is synonymous with pampeano, and is woven completely by hand by highly skilled artisans in South America, in a traditional process which takes four to five hours to complete each belt.

The intricate, Aztec diamonds are a traditional depiction of the Andes mountain range. The local artisans were inspired by the peaks and troughs which stand against the infinite horizon line.

The leather used on a pampeano polo belt is unparalleled. Only the most exquisite pieces are hand-selected for use. The surface is unblemished, the colour is rich and the handle is supple and buttery. One of its finest characteristics is that it improves with age, creating a patina of memories through its years of wear thanks to the traditional and lengthy vegetable tanning process that it undergoes.

Each polo belt is still handcrafted in La Pampa, Argentina by skilled artisans who spend up to five hours making each belt – from selecting and cutting the leather through to the exquisite hand stitching of the pampa diamond. This belt features pale blue stitching (from wax-dipped saddler threads) with a white ‘pampa’ diamond dotted at regular intervals around the belt.

pampeano is known for its trademark pampa diamond motif, which comes from a traditional Aztec design inspired by the rise and fall of the Andes Mountains, which stand majestically over this beautiful country.

Wear your Argentine flag polo belt with pride and join us in celebrating pampeano’s roots in the stunning plains of La Pampa. This belt represents a rich heritage from a land which is home to polo and vast open spaces, where gauchos herd cattle and practice expert horsemanship. We also celebrate the culture and craft of Argentine artisans whose leatherwork is second to none – perfected and honed and passed down from generation to generation.

We also like to make a belt according to your wishes or stable color. Send us your individual request to [email protected]

Brand: Pampeano
Leather: Havana Brown
colors: dark blue / light blue / cream
Length: 80cm to 115cm
width: 3.5cm
Buckle: antique brass
Special: Threads (wax threads in dark blue, light blue and cream), delivered in a beautiful gift box
Made in Argentina

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