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27. August 2019
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27. August 2019
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Put your mark on your passion for polo, the sport of kings. Our new polo scarf Aurelia ist not only a perfect accessory for the polo field, but also the perfect outfit for your business or the dinner. It views the cultural Pampa diamond pattern, which you can also find on the typical polo belts. For this reason this scarf can also be your perfectly combined with a polo belt.
Inspired by the everyday life in the polo, you will find horses with the typical gaucho halters.
the classic colors are reminiscent of a ride along the rio Parana up to the Iguazu. Navy blue waters, golden dorados, cream colored sandy beaches, to the impressive, white-dusting Iguazu Waterfalls. In the evening, the banks of the Rio Parana are lit by the red sunset. For this reason our scarf is available in red, navy, purple and grey.
Our polo scarf is the first and only one polo scarf with gaucho pattern, polo pony with the Argentinien bola and in classic colors that make the scarf just timeless. Perfect to combine with jeans, chinos and a blouse.
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